Cabinet Painting Near Scranton PA

We get a variety of questions from clients related to refinishing their kitchen cabinets: How long does it take? How much does it cost paint my kitchen cabinets? What’s the best color? What type of paint do you use? Is it messy? 

We will soon be doing a series of short videos to answer many of these questions. Most importantly, we want to show you are process and the exceptional results we can deliver.  

As trade professionals, we have skills and the proper equipment that allow us to produce a quality finish in an effecient manor. There’s a lot more involved than a can of paint and a brush. In my opinion, cabinet painting is not a DIY friendly project.  However, if you are considering taking on this task, you will learn some insight as to what’s involved. 

I look forward to the opportunity to teach you more about painting services we provide in addition to cabinet replacement or full kitchen renovations. We can handle any kitchen project in the Scranton / Wilkes Barre area.   

These videos on cabinet painting will be hosted on both our YouTube channel and Facebook. Please subscribe or like our page to follow this video series