Painting Cabinets In Scranton PA

If you are considering having your kitchen cabinets painted, or are looking for more information, give us a call. As an experienced cabinet builder and finisher, I can assure you exceptional quality and professional results. 

There are distinct differences between “painting” and “fine wood finishing”. The equipment, application methods, paint, and skills of cabinet painting are quite different than traditional painting done within the home. In fact, cabinets are not finished with paint. When cabinets are newly constructed or refinished, specialty industrial coatings are used.   


Benefits of choosing NEPA Remodeling for you kitchen cabinet painting: 


-KCMA approved coatings-

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association is an industry specific organization that sets quality standards for kitchen cabinet finishes.  To achieve KCMA certification, the finishes/coatings are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure satisfactory performance. These test ensure that cabinet finishes offer exceptional stain, chemical, heat, moisture, and abrasion resistance. High performance cabinet finishes provide a level of performance that far exceeds traditional trim paint (door, windows, millworks) that is readily available at local paint stores and home centers. Many traditional acrylic paints are advertised for use on kitchen cabinets, however, they are not going to provide the same level of durability as an industrial coating. 


These cabinets show excessive wear and damage. Using low quality, or inappropriate finishes, on kitchen cabinets will result in poor performance and substandard durability. 

These cabinets show excessive wear and damage. Using low quality, or inappropriate finishes, on kitchen cabinets will result in poor performance and substandard durability. 

Mobile Paint Spray Booth-

For the best paint finish quality and appropriate coating application, cabinet finishes are applied with a sprayer. We bring mobile equipment to safely and properly paint cabinets in your home. We service the greater Scranton, Clarks Summit, Wilkes Barre, and Poconos area  


No Mess-

Preparing and finishing the cabinets in your home is a tedious process. We go to great lengths to project your home and complete the work efficiently and properly. All adjacent surfaces are throroughly cleaned, masked off, and protected. Zipwall barriers and our air filtration equipment collect dust, paint overspray, and odors. When we are finished completing the work, your home is restored and no mess is left behind. 


No Fumes-

We work with a variety of different coatings and chemicals. Most often, we work with fast drying, low odor, waterborne finishes with little to no lingering odor. Our air filtration equipment quickly dissipates odors and brings fresh air into the area. We do not use formaldehyde based products in your home, nor will your house smell like nail polish for days. Your health and safety is a top priority and we take all precuations necessary to complete the work properly. 


Samples Provided-

We have samples of colors and sheens available for you to select from. We can paint your cabinets in virtually any color and any sheen. During your in home consultation, we can show you samples as well as custom colors available. We can make custom color sample doors, upon your request. This is an excellent way to see and feel the exact finish, before committing to completing the work. 


Fast Turnaround Time-

Replacing your kitchen cabinets as part of a kitchen remodel takes more time and substantially more money than refurbishing your existing cabinets. We can complete cabinet painting jobs in as little as 2 days. Most of our kitchens are completed in 3-4 days. This means less disruption to your home and family.  


 Easy Estimates-

You can simply email us a few pictures of your kitchen, tell us what type of finish/color that you’re interested in and we can send you options available for your home and estimated cost. It can’t get any easier than that. If you schedule an in home consultation, we can review your project in greater detail and review colors and samples. 


We we look forward to the opportunity to help with your kitchen cabinet painting project. Please give us a call, or email us for more information. 570-650-6372