Find The Best Remodeling Company Near You

Planning a remodeling project can be an exciting experience. Homeowners often have been planning and their new kitchen, bathroom, deck, or addition for years, before finally starting the project. Whether this project has been planned for years, or is a fresh idea, it’s important to choose the best remodeling contractor to fit your needs.

We have all heard of home remodeling nightmares...there are even television shows dedicated to sharing these experiences. We've heard stories about expenses that soared over budget, missed timelines, or quality of the work not meeting expectations. With some planning and research, you can find a reliable contractor that will make your remodel a simple and stress free process.


How to choose the best builder or remodeling contractor? Look locally.

There are many contractors who can complete your project, but for a great remodel you should start by searching for “remodeling contractors near me”. Local contractors have knowledge of the area and construction methods that other contractors may not. Also, local contractors have essential relationships with: designers, subcontractors, and material suppliers. These relationships are often a critical component of a successful remodeling or building project.


Remodeling or building a home is a complicated process. There are many facets of the job and a successful project often requires an experienced contractor to coordinate these task. Remodeling projects require building permits, coordination of skilled trades, sourcing qualified subcontractors, material delivery/logistics, and inspections. Often it’s best to select a local remodeling company that has experience working on similar projects in your area. Skilled builders and contractors understand how to get things done quickly and efficiently. Choosing the right contractor can make your build or remodel significantly easier, less stressful, and more cost effective.

  In today's technology driven world, many buying decisions begin with an online search. If you are planning to search online, before beginning your project, the following are are few phrases you can search:


Kitchen remodeling near me

Remodeling company near me

Remodeling contractor in my area

Bathroom remodeling near me

Home Builders near Scranton PA

Commercial contractors Scranton Pa


The above search phrases should bring up contractors with relevant experience to your needs. You don't call a plumber to repair your roof, so searching for a specific trade will give you specialist related to your search.

Adding your location or city will help find contractors in your neighborhood. Cell phones, tablets, and computers often will bring up local results without adding the city, but it’s a good practice to improve search engine results  


Now that you know some of your choices, narrow your options.


Look at customer reviews

A great remodel is not just about the final product, it’s the remodeling experience as a whole.  The remodeling process should not be stressful or problematic; it should be an enjoyable experience that brings  your dream home to life. Look for customer reviews that not only discuss the build quality but also mention the customer’s experience as a whole. You want to choose a remodeling company that is skilled, trustworthy, and reliable.

Relevant work experience is everything

Look at a contractors website closely, do they have experience related to projects like yours? Does their service offerings match the specific needs of your home?

Its a great idea to call the contractor to ask questions about their past experience and recent projects. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Interviewing contractors is a great way to learn about them and their suitability for your project. Many contractors offer free in home consultations. When meeting with the contractor, its a great time to dig deeper and learn more about their experience and qualifications. A good contractor will be pleased to discuss their local remodeling work and experience. Many of us contractors are proud of our work and confident in our local reputation. The contractor you choose for your home remodeling will be your partner during the project, so dig in and learn about them.

A low price is often a red flag

Basing your hiring decision on finding the lowest price is one of the biggest mistakes that could be made. The lowest priced contractor will rarely provide the highest quality materials and workmanship or an enjoyable remodeling experience. Lower cost often brings sacrifice and can be a costly mistake.

The best way to price a remodel is to set your goals and budget first, then plan your remodel based on the funds you have available. A contractor with experience related to your needs will help you get the most out of your project and maximize value. Choosing a remodeling contractor that offers design-build services can reduce the expense of procuring your own designer or architect and simplify the process.


If your planning a remodeling project near Scranton PA, let us help  

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