Cabinet Painting Made Easy

If you are considering refinishing or painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, we make the process simple. From ideation to completion, our process is streamlined. We serve clients near Scranton PA and throughout Northeastern PA  

In many situations, we can provide a cost estimate without visiting your home. All you need to do is schedule a phone consultation or send us an email with pictures of the area.



The first step of the process is a free consultation. We provide the flexibility discussing the project via: a phone call, email, or in home meeting. The purpose of the consultation is to identify the current condition of your cabinetry, the quantity of cabinet doors & drawers, and your desired goals. During the consultation, we also educate you on the process of completing the work and determine how to best meet your needs  


Cabinet Painting Cost

In most situations, we can provide you an immediate price estimate for both painting and refinishing options. Below is the essential information that we need, to provide an accurate and honest price quote:

  • Quanity of cabinet doors and drawers
  • Physical condition of your existing cabinets (dents, scratches, cracks, water damage)
  • Mechanical condition of your existing cabinets (damaged hinges or drawer glides, smooth operation of components) 
  • Condition of existing cabinet finish (type of finish, chips or peeling finish) 
  • Types of appliances (built in appliances vs. freestanding) 
  • Design and detail of door and drawer fronts
  • Crown moulding and trim
  • Wood species of your cabinets



After completing the initial phone or email consultation, establishing budget, and aligning on goals, we will conduct an in home visit. The purpose of this visit is to see your cabinets with our own eyes, confirm and approve your color selection, complete the contract documents, and schedule the project on our calendar.


Painting Your Cabinets  

When we begin working on your project, we make efforts to minimize the disruption in your home. During our first day of work, we remove the cabinet doors & drawers and begin surface preparation of your cabinet boxes.

In most situations, the doors and drawers are prepared and completed in our shop. In other situations, we may set up a portable spray booth in your garage or basement. 

After the proper surface preparation has been completed, the cabinet boxes will be masked off and the appropriate coatings will be applied. Great care is taken during this stage, to protect your belongings and your health.  

We have the proper equipment and training to safely complete these task in your home. We use the professional coatings to provide you a professional finish, they are not the typical paints found in the aisle of your local hardware store. Fumes and odors are mitigated via air filtration equipment and temporary walls are deployed to confine our work area. 

When finishing is completed, we will install the doors, drawers, and hardware. The area is  cleaned and ready for use. We will then educate you on the proper care and maintenance of your cabinets. 

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