How much does it cost to paint a room in Scranton, PA?

How much does it cost to paint my living room, bedroom, or kitchen? This is a frequent question that we receive. This post will provide some information on what is included in the cost when hiring a professional painter in Lackawanna County. 

There are several variables unique to your home or office that will impact the cost of your project. Clearly, the size of the room is a main factor in cost. Generally, a larger room will cost more than a smaller room. Other factors that will affect painting cost include: ceiling height, quantity of doors & windows, size and type of baseboard & moulding, current condition/damage to walls, existing wall color, and wall/ceiling texture. As experienced, professional painters, we are able to survey the area to determine what labor and materials are needed to paint any room in your home. 


So what should you expect to pay to paint a room in your home? Using a typical 12x12 room with two coats of Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint, you can anticipate these average cost. 

  • Walls $350
  • Ceiling $125-$200
  • Trim & Doors $200-$300

Total average cost of  $350-$850 


The quality of workmanship and materials used will greatly impact cost. Painters that skimp on preparation, take short cuts, or use lower quality materials will often provide a lower price. The lowest priced painting estimate is usually not the best value. Low bids are often a compromise of quality. High performing painters that provide thorough and complete surface preparation, use high quality paints, cleanup, and warranty will typically be priced higher because more work is actually completed and skilled employees earn a higher wage. 

Most painting jobs can be done on any budget, if the goals and desired outcome is known. Do you want an absolutely flawless wall finish using the best products? If yes, you can anticipate higher project cost to cover the additional effort to deliver those results. If you are after bottom dollar pricing, scope of work, material selection, and project timing can be adjusted to bring the price down. We can complete most jobs under any budget. 

When comparing estimates, be sure that you are comparing apples to apples in terms of services and tasks to be completed. Be wary of estimates using generic language such as "paint walls and trim in living room". Such language does not clearly specify what work is to be completed. Detailed proposals avoid confusion and disappointment. 

When comparing service providers, you must also consider their business operating expenses. These expenses are built into the price of painting your home. Using a professional contractor comes along with many benefits: a well trained staff, lead paint safety certification, liability & workers compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, quality tools & equipment, proper project management, highly productive employees, and warranties. The same can not be said for all service providers. Companies that do not invest in their business may offer a lower price since they do not have the expenses related to protecting customers and employees. Those are sacrifices we will not make. We firmly believe in providing exceptional value and doing what's best for our clients. 


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