Kitchen Remodel Planning Tips Part 1

Kitchens are one of the most frequently remodeled rooms in a home, and for good reason. Being one of the most heavily used areas in a household, the wear and tear can create a genuine need for change, or it could simply be your desire to upgrade and incorporate some of the many new innovations & products available now that are designed to increase storage, functionality, and beauty. With such a wide array of choices & designs available for your new space, there are several key topics to consider when beginning the research and planning of your kitchen remodel & design.

First things first, what would you like to accomplish with this project & your new design?  Are you looking to change the layout of your appliances for a more user friendly floor plan? Do you need more storage space, or a better cabinetry design? Perhaps you are happy with the overall layout of your kitchen and simply want to freshen things up and add newer, more energy efficient appliances. Take some time and create a wish list for your new kitchen. Place the things of highest importance at the top and work down from there. Don’t forget about details such as:  lighting, cabinet & drawer locations, and flooring choices.  During the consultations with my clients, I cover a comprehensive list of options & ideas to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Now that you have some ideas on paper, you can begin to determine related cost and budget for your new kitchen. Having a prioritized wish list will help to identify potential cost, and will aid in determining which items will provide you with the most value. Considering things such as: how long you plan on remaining in the residence, and home equity & property value, as well as neighborhood housing prices will help you determine if your ideas align with your budget. Everyone’s priorities and needs are different, but it’s important to keep your personal interest in mind and build the kitchen that is the best for you…afterall, it’s your home. I work with my clients on assisting them in deciding where their money is best utilized while providing options to meet any budget.

Once you have a list of wants/needs in your new kitchen, along with a related budget, you can begin making selections on design, layout, and materials to be used. There are a multitude of decisions to make during any remodeling project, so you will appreciate having your wish list and budget already established. Even though you have all of these decisions to make, this is often the most fun part of the project because this is where you will start to see your ideas all coming together. From computer generated 3D models to paint swatches & flooring samples, I have many tools to help you choose the perfect finishes for your dream kitchen.

So you have your design, materials, and budget complete… what’s next? Scheduling desire & a time-line for your renovation are imperative at this point. There’s no doubt, dismantling your kitchen can be disruptive to your family, but if you have the proper planning strategy in place, disruption can be kept to a minimum.  While we work hard to make this transition flawless for our clients, having a coordinated plan will help the project go smoothly. The considerations of greatest importance are: your preferred timeline for the project, turnaround time on special order materials/custom items, and how you will prepare meals for your family during construction. The specific scope of work on your project will dictate the length of the construction. Major renovation projects may take several weeks to complete where more simplified remodels may be done in just a few days.  We establish an accurate schedule, take care of scheduling deliveries/specialty contractors, and debris removal. My direct involvement with the work allows me to provide high quality service and complete the work on time.

The above is not all encompassing, nor is it intended to be. I wanted to take a few minutes and cover some of the key points as you prepare for your upcoming project. Each & every client and home is unique and deserves guidance and planning specific to their needs. Please contact me today, so we can begin planning your dream kitchen. 

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